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Psychedelic Therapies 
For Neurology & Pain
For a Brighter Future

IMIO is dedicated to developing novel therapies for debilitating neurological disorders by expanding psychedelic based treatment into neurology

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"Neurology & Psychiatry Should be Treating the Same Organ"

Alice Weaver Flahery

Human head and brain.Deep learning , Machine learning and artificial intelligence , AI Tec

Psychedelics Can Affect Both

Neurology & Psychiatry are interconnected 

"Neuralgic pain cannot be “embraced”, fought against or accommodated. It crushes one into a quivering, almost mindless sort of pulp; all one’s powers of will, one’s very identity, disappear under the assault of such pain"

Prof. Oliver Sacks

Neurological disorders are one of the fastest growing set of clinical indications due to large aging populations, lifestyle illnesses and environmental challenges 

We focus on neurological indications that are unmet needs with highest interconnection to psychiatry.


Affect 20% of the US population 


US annual  cost of between 18-24B$

Cognitive Impairment 

12 Million patients 

growing 6X by 2024 

Harnessing Psychedelics 
For Neurology

Current neurological therapies are stagnant with no major new innovation for years. Regulators and the medical community are seeking novel non addictive solutions. Previous pandemics resulted in a surge of brain health disorders hans Covid-19 has exacerbated the brain health crisis.

Psychedelics are a new, brain targeted class of drugs. Psychedelics reset areas of functional connectivity in the brain, enabling safer, non-addictive solutions for neurology indications affecting large populations with high unmet needs.​ 

We Take Pride in Our History

IMIO is proud to be part of the Nextar \ Nextage Family. Our group brings together years of excellence in innovative pharmaceutical R&D. From synthesis through innovative formulation, analytics and GMP manufacturing, we leverage on decades of experience and in house capabilities


Years of Experience


Innovative Formulations


Scientist and clinical researchers 



Our Partners


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“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” 

Henry Ford

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