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Rethinking CNS Therapies-
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​​We are committed to improving patients wellbeing and quality of life by addressing patients' unmet needs.

IMIO is dedicated to finding novel solutions for debilitating neurological disorders affecting millions of patients and their families. Our mission is to identify and refine the use of psychedelic molecules to better treat various neurological disorders.

The approach is to combine known molecules with our unique drug delivery technology, enabling better penetration of molecules into the brain, reducing the therapeutic dose, providing a safer treatment while minimizing adverse effects..


High Impact Chronic Pain (HICP)

High Impact Chronic Pain (HICP) is persistent pain in a specific tissue, organ or area in the brain, lasting for three months or longer and accompanied by at least one major activity restriction.


Patients suffering from HICP often experience cognitive impairments and mental health issues, which in addition to their physical restriction, limits their ability to perform everyday activities.  The combination of cognitive impairment with physical restriction severely impacts the patient quality of life, and their prospect of having a normal lifestyle.

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Brain and CNS treatment- The challange

The Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) is a highly selective mechanism that protecting brain tissue against foreign agents, thus helps to maintain the proper and stable composition of the brain fluid.


The BBB's extremely low permeability presents a significant challenge to drug therapies targeting the brain and the Central Nervous System (CNS). Currently, most of these treatments require the administration of high doses as only a low concentration of the administered dosage finds its way into the brain. Drug molecules that fail to penetrate the brain get systemically dispersed and may cause severe side effects.

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The BTLS advantage

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Targeted and specific delivery of drug-loaded nano-particles

Broad application potential: Can encapsulate hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules

Safe: No disruption of BBB function and only biodegradable components.

Regulatory friendly:

Encapsulation  using  non-

covalent bonds molecules

Limited off target effects: negligible dissipation to areas outside the brain shown in animal models

Cost-efficient process for adapting the platform for new drugs and preparing it for commercialization.

Our Solution- BTLS

BTLS is a targeted liposomal platform developed together with the Israeli Technion. It has the ability to actively transport drugs through the BBB and into the brain.








Extensive pre-clinical work has demonstrated the penetration ability as well as the universality of the platform.

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Hydrophillic Drug

Psychedelic molecules

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Without BTLS- High doses of psychedelic compounds enters the brain (red).

Other medications usually do not cross the BBB (blue).

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Loaded BTLS: microdosing of psychedelic compounds is possible, other drugs can cross the BBB


Meet The Team


Abraham Dreazen, CEO, Nextage Therapeutics

Abraham Dreazen


Israel Makov, Chairman, Nextage Therapeutics

Israel Makov


Dr Orna Dreazen, Vice Chairman, Nextage Therapeutics

Orna Dreazen, PhD

 Vice Chairman


Jakob Ripstein, CPA, Memeber of the Board, Nextage

Jakob Ripstein, CPA

Dr. Michal Hemmo-Lotem, Memeber of the Board, Nextage Therapeutics

Dr. Michal Hemmo-Lotem

Raanan Dinur, Member of the Board, Nextage Therapeutics

Raanan Dinur

Yaakov Elinav, Memeber of the Board, Nextage Therapeutics

Yaakov Elinav

Ron Grupel, Member of the Board, Nextage Therapeutics

Ron Grupel, CPA

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