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The Blood Brain Barrier  Challenge 

The Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) is a highly selective mechanism that protects brain tissue against foreign agents. The blood–brain barrier is generally very effective at preventing unwanted substances from accessing the brain, which has a downside. The vast majority of potential drug treatments do not readily cross the barrier, posing a huge impediment to treating mental and neurological disorders


The BBB's extremely low permeability presents a significant challenge to drug therapies targeting the brain and the Central Nervous System (CNS). Currently, most of these treatments require the administration of high doses as only a low concentration of the administered dosage finds its way into the brain. Drug molecules that fail to penetrate the brain get systemically dispersed and may cause severe side effects.

Capillary Fiverr- upper figure Modified for IMIO website.png
Lower capillary figure, modified for IMIO website.png

Why Should We Care? 

Psychedelic molecules are some of the few therapeutics​ that do enter our brain rapidly. However targeted delivery brings forward the opportunity to lower administered dose, reduce side effects  and change the drug kinetics creating and possibility  for better safer therapeutics.


BTLS is a targeted liposomal platform developed together with the Israeli Technion. It has the ability to actively transport drugs through the BBB and into the brain.





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Hydrophillic Drug

Psychedelic molecules

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מקרא watermark white.png



Brain Fiverr with circles trans2.png

Without BTLS- High doses of psychedelic compounds enters the brain (red). Other medications usually do not cross the BBB (blue).

Brain Fiverr with circles trans2.png

Loaded BTLS: microdosing of psychedelic compounds is possible, other drugs can cross the BBB

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